How to host a virtual company’s anniversary on Zoom

How do you plan to celebrate the company’s anniversary this year? If your team works remotely, we may offer to arrange an online Zoom celebration. So that every employee can join the corporate event. Hosting a fun online event is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. But you may have some questions. How to make an online Zoom party fun and interesting for every participant? What kind of Zoom games are best suited for an online party? Should the company take care of the food and drinks for the guests? What to consider when planning an online Zoom event? Check out this article to find answers to these and other questions. Let’s start planning the best company’s anniversary party together!

How to start preparing for an online Zoom corporate event

First, choose the date of celebration, set the budget and the approximate number of guests. This information allows you to choose and book appropriate virtual group activities. Keep in mind that usually online Zoom games as long as virtual escape rooms for large groups should be booked in advance.

The main problem of online Zoom events is to keep the attention of guests and get them involved in activities. To make the event really involving, you should consider the following: virtual group activities, time planning, festive atmosphere. So, here are the key points of excellent online Zoom event:

  1. Choose virtual group activities to play on Zoom
  2. Schedule your event with indication of time allowed for each activity
  3. Take care of the online party festive atmosphere

Here are some tips for arranging an atmospheric anniversary celebration that every guest will enjoy.

Fun icebreakers for online Zoom corporate event

Play some icebreaker games at the beginning of the party. Such virtual group activities help to overcome the awkwardness that may arise. Show and tell can be a nice option to start with. Everyone can share something interesting: a favorite book, sports awards, a memorable souvenir, or even just a story. A few more topics to establish communication between the participants:

  • Everyone tell the year they joined the company and their first job assignment
  • Everyone tell the most complicated issue they had to deal with while working for the company
  • Everyone tell their greatest achievements while working for the company
  • Everyone tell some funny things happened in the office

Additionally, arrange Zoom games related to the company. Find below some ideas of fun icebreakers that can be quickly and conveniently played online on Zoom.

  • Make a list of facts about the company in advance. Ask the participants to decide which facts are true and which facts are false
  • Offer to write a short poem in five minutes, using professional terms or internal company slang
  • Do some unexpected calculations and offer the participants to guess it. For example, the exact distance in meters between the CEO’s office and the accounting department, the amount of coffee drunk in the office per year, etc.

Do not forget to prepare gifts for the most active participants of icebreaker Zoom games!

Online team building activities to play on Zoom

The company’s anniversary celebration can be divided into 2 parts: official and entertaining. The official part is usually standard. The company’s management sums up, announces plans and goals for the future, award the best employees, etc. But the entertaining part of the online Zoom event can offer many fun virtual group activities for every participant.

You may be surprised, but the range of interesting online team building activities is wide. Almost everything that we used to visit offline is now possible to arrange online on Zoom. For example:

  • virtual escape room instead of the offline escape room
  • online master class from artists anywhere in the world
  • online music concert to enjoy music without leaving home

Moreover, there are locations that have become available to a wide audience with regard to online entertainment development. For example, the world’s most famous museums now offer online tours. You can check out more exciting ideas for online team building on our blog.

Another great idea for an online team building is the virtual escape room Project Avatar. This online team building game is fun and educational at the same time. Participants of the Project Avatar virtual escape room control the main character – Avatar, search for artifacts and collect game points. Players learn to build communication, work together and delegate. The online team building Project Avatar has several versions that are suitable for both small teams of up to 15 players and large groups of up to 200 participants.We have selected for you a list of online events on Airbnb for every taste.It has everything from Zoom games to Tours


Despite planning an online event, it is worth taking care of food and drinks for your guests. First, it is a great way to show care and attention to your employees. Secondly, it helps to live up to the expectations, as everyone wants to enjoy some delicious snacks during an online Zoom party. So, let’s consider how to set up snacks and beverages remotely.

  • Arrange an online master class on preparing snacks and cocktails

You can order delivery of the necessary ingredients to participants’ homes. Or provide everyone with gift cards for grocery shopping. We advise you to choose easy-to-follow receipts like pasta, tapas, and salads.

  • Arrange food and drinks delivery

This option allows you to reduce the timing of the event. As the participants will not spend time cooking dinner. But it can be quite complicated to arrange for delivery, if employees are located in several cities or even countries. You will have to look for delivery services and order food in each city separately.

No matter which option you choose, take into account food preferences of the guests. Take care of vegetarian and vegan dishes, soft drinks, etc. So that everyone can enjoy the online Zoom dinner.

Three things to consider when planning an online party

There are things that are overlooked when it comes to virtual events. But these things can make an online Zoom party special and memorable. So do not miss to arrange the following:

  • Host of the online event

Yes, someone should host your online Zoom party in the same way as an offline party. The host coordinates all the activities, watches the time, helps guests feel comfortable, makes jokes, etc.

  • Photos and videos of online Zoom event

Professional photographers are usually invited to an offline party. Besides, guests take a lot of photos on their phones. So, make your online Zoom party memorable as well. Arrange for a screen recording and online photo shooting during the celebration. Then make a video with the most interesting moments. Employees will be delighted to receive such a video surprise after the online event!

  • Theme and dress code of online Zoom party

Do not ignore choosing a theme for an online event. It may seem complicated to match the theme when the participants are at home. But there are still ways to hold a thematic online event. Choose appropriate background on Zoom, prepare thematic contests and gifts, add corresponding dishes to the menu. All the abovementioned will help to create the festive atmosphere, which is quite difficult to achieve when celebrating online.

The dress code may depend on the theme of the online Zoom event. Usually colleagues love to follow the dress code recommendations. It helps to feel comfortable and appropriately at the event.

By the way, the Project Avatar team can host and coordinate the online Zoom party. Fill out a contact form on our website to receive your personal offer.

Schedule an online Zoom event

Now it is time to make an hourly plan for the company’s anniversary party. This way, all participants will know what to expect and will be able to get ready for the anniversary celebration. The schedule will also be useful for the host and the coordinator of online team building.

Write down a list of all the virtual activities. Indicate approximate time each activity will take. Do not forget to add breaks to the schedule. As long as an offline party, a virtual event should offer pauses for guests to visit the restroom.

See below an example of an online Zoom party schedule

Time to join the event17:00 – 17:15
Icebreakers and Zoom games to start with17:15 – 17:40
Thematic competition17:40 – 18:00
Official part18:00 – 18:30
Break18:30 – 18:40
Cocktail making master class18:40 – 19:20
Virtual escape room Project Avatar19:20 – 21:20
Break21:20 – 21:30
Awarding participants of the competition21:30 – 21:50
The end of the event21:50 – 22:00

When choosing the time for the Zoom party, take into account the time zones of your colleagues. So that no one has to wake up for a party at five in the morning.

Join Us Online: Invitations for Our Upcoming Zoom Party Have Been Sent!

Notify colleagues that the company’s anniversary celebration is being planned. Indicate the following in the invitations:

  • Date and time of the online event
  • The platform for online event
  • Theme and dress code details
  • Schedule of the online event

Congratulations, planning of the online Zoom party is completed! No matter what activity you choose for the upcoming event, with some preplanning and creativity your company’s anniversary party is gonna be unforgettable. And if you want to book a virtual escape room Project Avatar, fill out a contact form on our website. Our manager will send you a private offer.

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