12 Best online Escape Rooms for Team Building in 2023

Basically, virtual escape rooms are designed to be entertaining and fun activities. However, such online challenges are not just entertaining, but also useful interactive experiences. Check out how playing virtual escape rooms helps to develop problem-solving and decision-making skills, enhance creativity and boost teamwork. Review 12 best virtual escape rooms for your perfect team building virtual events. Find out what to consider when choosing a virtual escape game.


How does virtual escape rooms work

In virtual escape rooms players have to solve puzzles and riddles within a set amount of time, as well as in physical escape rooms. However, virtual escape rooms are hosted on online platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype. Players can communicate with each other via video, audio, and chat functions. Often virtual games are hosted by the game master, who is responsible for introducing the scenario, and providing clues or hints to players. 

Virtual escape rooms can be played from anywhere in the world. It makes them a perfect choice for remote teams to arrange: 

  • online team building activities
  • corporate virtual events
  • happy hours
  • icebreakers
  • fun activities with colleagues

Meanwhile, check out the list of public holidays for 2023 to schedule your next virtual events. Arrange great fun activities at the office or remotely. 

Why virtual escape rooms are an excellent option for team building activities

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The aim of team building is to improve the effectiveness and productivity of a team. Check out several reasons to choose virtual escape rooms for your next team building virtual events.

  • Require players to work together to solve puzzles. This promotes teamwork, communication, and remote collaboration.
  • challenge players to think critically and solve complex problems. This encourages problem-solving, decision-making, creativity, and time management skills.
  • are a fun and engaging activity that can help team members relax and have fun together. This can improve morale, reduce stress, increase employee engagement, and create a positive work environment.

Online team building in a virtual escape room is a great way to engage internal communication and boost teamwork of employees. Playing virtual escape games can lead to stronger connection and effective remote collaboration between team members. All above mentioned can benefit remote teams in the long run.

12 best virtual escape rooms for your perfect interactive experience

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We have put together a list of the top 12 virtual escape rooms for online team building. Whether you are looking to improve communication skills, enhance problem-solving abilities, or simply have a good time with your colleagues, these virtual escape rooms are sure to deliver.

The Escape Game

The Escape Game offers several options for online team building, including virtual escape rooms, holiday game show, and unlocked for teams. The Escape Game is known for its high-quality escape room interactive experience. These virtual games challenge players’ problem-solving and decision-making skills. High employee engagement is guaranteed!

Escape Hunt

Escape Hunt virtual escape rooms offer remote digital adventures and physical escape rooms, where players should guide a real life expert games master around the physical room. Escape Hunt provides an interactive experience that can be a great option for online team building activities and other virtual events.

Clue Quest

Clue Quest escape games are part digital, and part analogue. You can choose among 10 games and 4 bundles available for instant download. There is an option designed for online team building as well. Clue Quest online games offer remote teams to work together and develop important skills such as communication, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Trapped In The Web 

Trapped in the Web are text based escape rooms, and use pictures and videos as clues to help players solve the puzzles. Group packages allow multiple sessions, so several teams can play the same game. The game is designed with a variety of puzzles and challenges that require players to use their communication and problem-solving skills, along with creativity and teamwork. Trapped in the Web virtual games is a perfect choice for businesses or groups willing to increase employee engagement with the help of useful and fun activities.

Project Avatar 

Project Avatar virtual escape room offers several versions of online games depending on the group size. The main character of the game is called Avatar and controlled by participants using their voice. Players should explore the real-life 300 square meters location, search for artifacts, and solve puzzles. Project Avatar is a dynamic game with simple puzzles, arthouse plot and non-linear scenario. Virtual escape room Project Avatar features high-quality graphics, sound effects, and immersive storytelling elements. Checkout 10 reasons to choose Project Avatar virtual games for your next online team building or other virtual events.   

Enigma Rooms 

Enigma Rooms have several different virtual escape rooms available, each with a unique theme and storyline. Some of them are live, while others can be played online at any time. Enigma Rooms have become a popular choice for online team buildings and virtual events, as they offer a fun and interactive way for employees to bond and work together on problem-solving tasks.

Exit the Room 

Exit the Room offers live-action virtual escape rooms with 9 different themes to choose from. The game master is located in a real escape room equipped with a live cam. Players communicate with the game master and interact with the game via the video conferencing tool. Puzzle-solving is a key component of Exit the Room virtual games. So players must use their problem-solving and communication skills to decipher clues and progress through the game.

Mystery Escape Room              

Mystery Escape Room offers 6 virtual escape rooms, each with a distinct theme and plot. Online challenges of these virtual games are designed to require critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication. Mystery Escape Room offers options for team building activities that can help to promote teamwork, remote collaboration, and employee engagement.

Escape Live 

Escape Live offers two options: online escape rooms and interactive team building challenges. In online escape rooms, players guide a game master using the video conferencing platform. While interactive team building challenges can be played at any time. Such online challenges are a great tool for online team buildings and virtual events. Problem-solving tasks can help employees improve decision-making abilities and remote collaboration.

Puzzle Break 

Puzzle Break offers virtual escape rooms and virtual games for team building. Their virtual games are highly immersive, featuring live game masters who guide players through the game and provide hints and clues. Puzzle Break can be a fun and engaging option for virtual events, providing a challenging and interactive experience that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Escape Experience

Escape Experience offers a variety of virtual escape room scenarios. Players should guide a game master through a real escape room. Participants learn to work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and escape within a time limit. These virtual games offer a unique way to bring teams together, fostering teamwork and encouraging participants to work towards a common goal.


Enchambered offers challenging and cooperative escape rooms to play online with colleagues at your next virtual events. They also offer a free online virtual escape room called “Alone Together“. Such online challenges are a great option to arrange for your next online team buildings or other virtual events. Encourage communication, creativity, and effective remote collaboration of your team.

What to consider when choosing virtual escape game for team building

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When choosing an online escape room for virtual events, there are several factors to consider. Here are some things to keep in mind to ensure enjoyable and satisfying interactive experience:

  • Capacity of the activity
  • Theme of the virtual games 
  • Difficulty level
  • Duration of the virtual games
  • Virtual platform to hold the game
  • Price

Read reviews and feedback from other players who have completed to get a better idea of what to expect. This can help you choose a reputable provider and ensure that you have quality interactive experience.

By taking these factors into account, you can choose an online escape room that suits your interests, group size and skill level. In order to compare virtual escape rooms, you can use the following table. We have added some possible criteria and information about Project Avatar virtual escape room as an example.

GameCapacityThemeDifficulty levelDurationPlatform
Project Avatar2-200 playersArthouse AdventureEasy to MediumUp to 90 minZoom or any similar platform

In this way you can compare the virtual escape games and choose the best option for your upcoming virtual events. If you want to book a virtual escape room Project Avatar, fill out a contact form on our website. Our manager will send you a private offer.


Virtual escape games offer a unique and exciting way to build teamwork, problem-solving and collaboration skills among team members. Online games also provide a fun and memorable experience for everyone involved. Virtual escape games can make any of your virtual events exciting and engaging. 

However, not only virtual escape rooms can provide excellent team building interactive experience. Check out 17 fun activities to boost teamwork, communication, remote collaboration, creativity and increase employee engagement.

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Puzzle Breakhttps://www.puzzlebreak.us
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