Watch the video briefing If you need, watch twice
Check important information
Remember to be fast like bunny and watch the time!
You have 60 minutes to escape this reality!
  • Your AVATAR has 3 lives.
  • If you DIE you will be returned to closet safe point in the game.
  • if you die you lose 1 life. If you lose 3 lives your game is over!
  • Question mark - trap or reward. Open or not, the decision is yours.
  • You can only die once per trap so don't worry about dying in thesame trap twice.
  • If you are running low on life - нou can play "shell game" with the big bad boss CHICKMAN!
Room are marked with letters A-Z.
This will make it easier for you to navigate the Avatar, as you can tell him exactly which room he needs to go to.

The door to the crafting room (G) will open when you solve 9 puzzles and tasks or 10 minutes before the time runs out.

The items you need to find are:
  • blue (search rooms)
  • yellow (search rooms)
  • red (search rooms)
  • bronze color (solve riddles and puzzles)
  • also elements that glow under UV (use UV flashlight)
  • Collect as many colored items for crafting as possible, and at the end create artifacts.
  • Save 3-5 minutes for crafting.
  • You can craft several artifacts at the same time.
When you're ready to finish the game and start trading artifacts for a reward, say loudly:
"Avatar - go to Utya Duck" !!!
* you need to collect or craft at least 1000 artefact coins!
finish line
RULE #1 – DO NOT GET CAUGHT BY CHICKMAN vandalizing or destroying things…this is his home! IF he catches you destroying things…he can take a life point from you!
RULE #2 – UYTA DUCK will advise you and provide hints…all you have to do is ask. Since he has cold feet being near chickens…he won't stick around for long…so REMEMBER…QUICK QUESTIONS!!!
Places where you can find Riddles and tasks are marked with yellow symbols.

The places where UV elements are located are marked with a UV symbol.
They can be found with hints, use a UV flashlight.
game symbol
thrill nation
Project Avatar Stalker was the gift that kept on giving. With so many layers immersed into each other, it was so easy to get lost within it all. The space is so large that they have labelled zones by giving them a letter. This means there was 26 zones you could experience when playing Stalker. With each room having many things you could interact with and make important decisions, it's physically impossible to cover it all in one game. Thankfully, you can play this experience more than once and start somewhere completely different to last time to have a new unique adventure.
Project Avatar is one of those experiences that we had heard a lot about but also knew very little about it.
If I had to use one word to describe this experience it would be 'bonkers'. This was a whirlwind from start to end and was a lot more fun than I expected it to be.
review the room
Gosh, is this game hilarious. It's just my type of humour and quite often I couldn't even concentrate for giggling so much. It's exactly what I wanted to feel on Boxing Day and I'm so glad I picked this game to play with my family.
You can play any way you like, as many times as you like, and if you don't even find a single object you'll still come out with a big smile on your face. It's light hearted fun!
the escaperoomer
Better than online escape room
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looking forward to seeing you at the game
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